Monday, August 24, 2015

List of cheating done at SLV Apartment, B.G Road - Bangalore's first project

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GYM without Equipments - A small space, without proper dimensions, was given to us in the name of a GYM. Not even one equipment was provided. When we questioned, they said that they committed to provide only place for GYM and not equipments, which is not true. During monsoon this entire area gets flooded  with rainwater (shown in below picture) and only serves as a safe haven for mosquitos to breed and thrive.

Status of Community Hall when hand it over to us  -- It has been 2 years since we occupied this Property. The community hall is in a bad shape and still not ready to conduct any Events. (Even for this space we had to fight for more than a year).

Kid's Play Area  -- Can anyone imagine having a Kid's play area near DG electric circuits? Well, that is what was given to us. Need we say more!

Swimming Pool  - The pool leaks and cannot be used. It is simply occupying unnecessary space. Take a closer look, you will see several broken Tiles, which is just another testimony to the poor quality of things provided. When filled, water leaks in the Basement parking and hence we cannot use it. It is just for show.

Jogging Track  - Does not exist, another false promise !

Intercomm  -- Still not done :(

Worst Car parking area - Very poor design for parking area. Several unnecessary pillars makes make it really painful for taking out/parking our vehicle. Many of our Cars have been damaged. If they can't design a parking area properly, just imagine how they will do other stuffs properly.

Poor quality of construction Just come and pay a visit and see it for yourself. We doubt that our Apartment will withstand after 20 years. Within 2 years, lot of cracks developed on Walls due to poor quality of materials used. 



  1. This is posted on behalf of SLV Flat owners, bannergatta road. It is Durga Developers first project in Bangalore.

  2. Its your money think and enquire thoroughly before you buy dear friends. Don't get cheated by fake promises.

  3. We are still suffering for trusting and having faith on the builder. They took full advantage of the fact that we have little time to spare from our busy schedules. Do your research carefully and thoroughly before investing. Its your hard earned money. Don't get fooled like us.

  4. After investing all your hard earned money,savings,you are struggling to get basic amenities promised by builder even after 2 years of follow up.Kids playarea is not at all there.swimming pool is leaking now itself so you can imagine construction quality.Dyrga developers means no response after taking money, run behind them for everything even then only false promises. Reach anytime to owners association to verify these comments or you can visit there very first project to see it.

  5. This kind issue with many's a time and metabolism to adjust the kinda issue. Any way another of this kind @servanthiBuilders. Thanks to the blog .. To change let us spread the awareness.